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EITC is an assessment, training, certifying and coaching company.

We are experts in the concept of emotional intelligence and EQ as they apply to individual and organizational effectiveness. We can tell you how EI and EQ can help you and your company be better at what you do and, together, we can design and implement a plan to make your vision reality.

We help people develop their EQ skills and we certify professionals to do what we do through the EQ-i2.0® and EQ 3602.0® Certification Courses

Our Mission is to create permanent, sustainable change in individuals and organizations through the development of Emotional Intelligence skills. Our Values include honesty, integrity, social responsibility in the service of others, and abundance versus a scarcity mentality. Our Vision is to lead the way in Emotional Intelligence skills development through assessment, coaching and training.

Lead with EI

Leading with emotional intelligence icon This training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to implement your own leadership development workshops, courses, and programs based on the EQ-i2.0®. more →

EQ Certifications

Emotional Quotient certification Highly effective people demonstrate the competencies measured by the EQ-i 2.0. These competencies are highly correlated, for example, with the ability to provide inspirational leadership. more →

EQ Training

Emotional intelligence certifications EQ training and certification helps organizations develop leaders and improve their bottom line. EI helps teams get the job done. more →

EQ Assessment

Assessment of emotional assessment EQ assessment gives organizations, HR professionals and individuals the tools they need to get a clear picture of where their teams and leaders are at. more →

EQ Coaching

Emotional intelligence coaching with EITCImproved EQ leads to professional and personal success. One of the best ways to improve your Emotional Intelligence is through EQ coaching. more →

"I have been to many workshops throughout my career and have experienced many different facilitators. David is by far the best. David's style allows participants to listen and absorb information in a very relaxed and non-confrontational way which makes the learning totally comfortable. David was always approachable and open to questions and demonstrated a thorough understanding and interest in the subject matter. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend David Cory as an EQ facilitator to colleagues. Thank you again."

— Julie Wilson-Clements, Peel District School Board, Mississauga, Ontario
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