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Emotional Ponderings: “EQ Coaching”

Feb 06 2011
by David Cory

I love the Stages of Change Model postulated by James Prochaska et al (if you’re unfamiliar with this model, check out the February EQ Toolshare […]

January EQ Tool Share of the Month

Jan 20 2011
by David Cory

The EQ tool of the month comes from MHS Inc. They have produced a great piece of marketing material that you can use in your marketing internally or …

Website of the Month:

Jan 13 2011
by David Cory

My pick for website of the month is I always mention in all my courses and am continually amazed at all the people […]

Book Review: “The Other Kind of Smart”

Dec 03 2010
by David Cory
Book Cover: the other kind of smart

“The Other Kind of Smart: Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success”, by Harvey Deutschendorf, 2009. Harvey was a participant in one of my courses very early on in the ’90s – an ‘early adopter’ and has written a marvelous…

Website of the Month

by David Cory

My pick for website of the month is the Centre for Nonviolent Communication This site is built around the work of Marshall Rosenberg, who wrote […]