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Do you feel cared for by me? I know, it’s a strange question, but one I often ask myself when I get an e-newsletter, “does this person care about me or do they just want my money?” Obviously, you wanted something from me when you subscribed to my newsletter and obviously, I wanted you to subscribe to my newsletter.

I wanted a relationship with you and you wanted information that you would find useful/helpful/’of value’ from me. It’s a difficult balance, this ‘giving you what you want and me getting what I want’ out of this newsletter business! Would I like you to come to one of my courses or hire me to do some training in your organization, thereby adding to my bank account? Honestly, yes, but I also believe that we can both benefit from a mutual relationship whether there is a financial transaction between us – or not. Am I doing my part to provide you with value? I think I’m doing a bad job, actually, as I write so infrequently and sporadically. Then I beg your forgiveness and promise to try to be more consistent. Kind of pathetic, if you ask me. I think you should feel ‘cared for’ in this relationship and I think for you to feel cared for I would provide you with timely, valuable information that you can use (for me to know more about this, I would like to hear more from you) on a more consistent basis.

So, in the spirit of the wise old Yoda, “do or do not do, there is no try” – I’ve done something about this situation. Some excellent colleagues of mine, namely, Klaudia Williams, Miriam Miller, Becky Cory, Kim Cairns and Sherwin Arnott have agreed to assist me with getting this newsletter out on a more consistent basis and working on my blog as well. They have also agreed to contribute to the EQ Update to make it even more valuable.

If you put out a newsletter, think about the extent to which your subscribers feel cared for – it’s the emotionally intelligent thing to do! ;-)

What do you think? How do you feel? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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Coaching with emotional intelligence

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