China, March 10, 2009

I’m currently in Beijing, China working with “EI China” on some exciting marketing and business development events. I love working with the people here, the food is fantastic, I’m learning a bit of the language, and I’m having a pretty good time, but “home is where the heart is.” I really miss my family! :-( I guess you know either that you’ve been traveling too much or that, due to certain circumstances, you should be closer to home and now is one of those times. Probably the reason is that I’m away for 2 weeks – that’s a lot longer than my usual 3 day trips. I’m a great traveler and it’s one of the things I love about my work – that it takes me to fabulous places to work with amazing individuals and companies (the fact is that most companies that are interested in emotional intelligence are wonderful companies already ;-) Am I doing what I love? Absolutely. Am I loving my current schedule? Well, not exactly and it’s nothing to do with the country or the company I’m keeping, which is wonderful by the way ;-) It’s that I need to be with my family.

Where do you need to be? Right where you are or somewhere else?

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