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What is emotional intelligence? (Video)

David Cory Video on Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? How does it relate to leadership?

Watch this video about the Emotional Intelligence Training Company, and David Cory, to learn about emotional intelligence and leadership.

2 Responses to “What is emotional intelligence? (Video)”

  1. Vicki Austad says:

    Hi David – remember singing “All my life” at my wedding 11 years ago? I have no idea where you are and what you’re doing right now but if at all possible I would love an hour of your time. I am forging a new path for myself -not sure if Ei could or should be a part of that but would be grateful for your thoughts!
    Let me know if it’s possible!
    thanks David!
    Vicki Austad

    BTW the website is up but it is VERY limited at this point!

  2. David Cory says:

    Hi Vicki! Of course I remember singing at your wedding! It was very memorable, outdoors, dockside at New Westminster Quay. I’d love to give you an hour of my time. As far as whether EI could or should be a part of your new path I would say “definitely”! ;-) Let’s talk offline. Best Regards, David

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