Daniel Goleman at Google

Daniel Goleman at Google

This 50 minute presentation by Goleman is of interest because he does a good job laying out the difference between threshold capacities and distinguishing capacities. IQ-like competencies are threshold capacities – that is, people need to meet a basic threshold of IQ to even get in the game. But EQ is a distinguishing capacity in so far as someone’s emotional and social intelligence is directly related to how someone will excel, increase productivity, lead a team and be active in making a workplace truly effective. Goleman also does a good job explaining how our ability to make decisions is related to our emotional wisdom. If the folks at Google understand the business case for EI, then we all should. It’s well worth the 50 minutes and he makes this important preface:

…first, a disclaimer, just hearing about this [issue] is not going to make anybody more emotionally and socially intelligent. It might interest you in pursuing some of this. What I want to do is build the case that these soft skills have hard value in an environment, a work environment like this [google]. – Daniel Goleman


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