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I think the EQ-i and MBTI go great together, but rather than explain my views, let’s hear from MBTI ‘master practitioner’, Lori Lacey, Workers Compensation Board, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Here’s her recent email message to me used with her permission:

Hi David,

I wanted to tell you about a recent debrief I did with a leader in our organization.  What was really rewarding for me about the experience I had was the way I was able to integrate his knowledge of his MBTI type into helping him understand his strengths and weaknesses when it came to his EQ-i results. I have been using the MBTI for over 10 years now and consider myself a master practitioner, so whenever I meet with anyone to debrief 360 results (we have our own in-house version of Lominger), or do some professional development coaching, I use the MBTI. Also, many individuals and teams in our organization know their type and know how type contributes to your leadership, communication, conflict styles and team development.

The leader that I met with the other day was an ISTJ, and he was very familiar with his type.  What he wasn’t so aware of was how his type preferences influenced the impact he had on others. This was wholly demonstrated in the top 3 and bottom 3 EQ competencies: Independence, Stress Tolerance, and Impulse Control (top) and Empathy, and Interpersonal Relationship, and Flexibilty (bottom).

His knowledge of type greatly enhanced his ability to see how his type related to both his emotional strengths and weaknesses and he had a number of “ah ha” moments during our discussion.  It was a very positive experience for me as well being able to create some real meaning for him with his results.  Not all of his results were linked strongly to his type of course, but it was helpful to be able to make some strong linkages for him in his understanding of how he impacted others.  He told me that for him it greatly increased the credibility of the EQ-i in his mind.

Kind regards, Lori

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