Bully Free at Work – Valerie Cade

Bully Free at Work

This month’s book is “Bully Free at Work” (2011) by Valerie Cade. I met Valerie at a presentation she gave at the Strategic Capability Network in Calgary and I really enjoyed her presentation and was very impressed by her and was subsequently compelled to buy her book.

I like the book because, ‘surprise surprise’, it’s about emotional intelligence ;-) It’s about the emotions of the bullied and the emotions of the bully and it’s about the emotional skills needed to acknowledge the bullying, bully-proof yourself, protect yourself, manage your stress level, build self-esteem, empower yourself, enlist support, and assert yourself with the bully – for moderate level bullying and then many, many other excellent tips, tricks, and insights into bullying and what you can do about it.

Whether you’ve had experience with bullying, are experiencing bullying or just want to add skills and tools to your toolbox – get this book! Check out Valerie’s website. Let me know what you think about the book and bullying by commenting below.

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