Website of the Month: Data-Face


DatafaceThis month’s website by Joseph Hager (a contemporary and colleague of Paul Ekman, the famous facial expression interpreter) is an interesting look at the critical link between the face – that emotion revealing target of our eyes when we encounter another human being – and emotions. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a lot more to know about the role of the face in expressing emotion.

It’s fascinating to think about such topics as Facial Aging, Facial Attractiveness, Facial Deception and The Face in Health and Disease among many other topics available here on the website. There is a lot to this website, click around and you’ll find some really interesting things like the sale of the Facial Action Coding System Manual (FACS)  created by Paul Ekman and Joseph Hager and Wallace Friesen.

Also take a look at the Library, where you’ll find reference materials, which despite the fact that the site hasn’t been updated in a long time – it looks it, still remain relevant works today.

Do you have some favourite references regarding emotions and the face or body language? What are they? Comment below.

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