Announcing EQ and You, a live broadcoast series

EQ and You, with David and Kim, a live broadcast (illustration)

As you may know, Kim Cairns, EITC EQ Coach, and I have recorded 15 conversations between us discussing each of the 15 EQ Competencies of the MHS Model of Emotional Intelligence, originally based on the work of Dr. Reuven Bar-On. You’re always welcome to watch those recorded episodes on our Youtube Channel.

Since that time, we’ve been thinking about how we are going to create a new series of episodes that will be engaging, educational, entertaining, useful, and, of course, about emotional intelligence. So far, we’ve come up with the idea that we want the show to include more of you. That’s right, you have a lot of experience and knowledge about emotional intelligence. You have knowledge and experience with your own EI/EQ. You also have knowledge and experience with helping your clients to improve their EI/EQ. We want to encourage you to share that knowledge and those experiences.

The idea is that we’ll have an introductory show on July 3rd during which we will explain what we want from you. The next show will be July 17th during which we will read your submissions in whole or in part about Self-Regard.

We want to know about your struggles with your own Self-Regard. We want to know about why you think your Self-Regard serves you well or doesn’t serve you well. We want your stories of bosses who had poor Self-Regard and how that affected their behaviour and how it impacted on you. We want to know about your colleague’s Self-Regard that was so high, they felt the earth revolved around them.

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I hope you get the idea. We’re happy to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly with respect to your own Self-Regard and the good, the bad, and the ugly with respect to the Self-Regard of your clients, your colleagues, your direct reports, your bosses, family members, etc. This is all for episode 1 on July 17th following the series introduction on July 3rd.

See you online!

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