Becoming an exceptional leader: Heart and Science of Leadership for Women

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Are you looking for a different kind of leadership development experience? If so, you would be joining a growing number of women who have one thing in common; they want to become exceptional leaders. And they want their work and life to be integrated and balanced. The Heart and Science of Leadership for Women is designed for women who are looking to advance their careers, find balance, develop skills or make a change in their work and life.

Join our upcoming three day Heart and Science of Leadership for Women course in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

This is your opportunity to deeply explore what it takes to be an authentic and transformational leader. Using your comprehensive EQ-i 2.0 leadership report as a guide, discover and develop critical emotional intelligence skills that will take your leadership to the next level, in a way that fits your unique circumstances.

The course is designed to create a learning lab for participants to integrate their personalized EQ-i 2.0 leadership results into a leadership roadmap. You will gain clarity and confidence through new knowledge and insights, have time to pause and reflect, find your voice as a leader, and establish connections with a community of like-minded leaders to share with and grow together. You will return to work with a leadership toolbox that is full of insights, strategies, processes, new colleagues and action plans.

Funding assistance programs are available through the Canada Alberta Job Grant. Find out if you are eligible and apply now.

Are you curious and would like to learn more? Do you have questions about the Heart and Science of Leadership for Women or coaching opportunities? Please email me at .

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