Webinar recap: Heroic leadership and emotional intelligence

Join David Cory as he applies a critical lens and understanding of the hero’s journey and heroic leadership.

A hero leader stands in front of a crowd and points heroically in another direction.

Many people have read the work of Joseph Campbell and studied the “hero’s journey” and its various stages. It’s a fascinating field of study in archetypes, religion, and mythology. But more than that, it’s probable that these ideas about the hero’s journey are an important cultural inheritance, as is Campbell’s body of work itself. As such, these ideas likely continue to shape our deep-seated notions of leadership, and heroic leadership.

How has the idea of ‘leader as hero’ and Joseph Campbell’s the Hero’s Journey influenced our ideas of leadership for better and worse?

David Cory

Join David Cory as he applies a critical lens to the theories of American mythologist Joseph Campbell. Campbell theorized that all mythic narratives are variations on a monomyth, and that they all use the hero’s journey story arc.

Perhaps it’s a “manostory,” though, and maybe it feeds command and control leadership. The culture it perpetuates might support some EQ competencies, but it might also be causing harm.

Curious about how to mitigate some of the harmful impacts of this archetype? This webinar is all about using the EQ competencies to pave the way and to reform the hero’s journey narrative.

Two art pieces in black and white are displayed onto sand and light sage coloured backgrounds and they look complementary.

Coaching with emotional intelligence

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