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Challenging the myth that resilience is simply personal fortitude

Two people hang from ropes in the clouds, but one of them has their toes resting on the tip of a large rock.

With so much focus on the pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about all the challenges that have come our way over the…

How to bring more emotional intelligence to social media and virtual communities

A woman sits on a coach holding a game console and wearing a 3D virtual reality headset.

We are becoming more reliant on the internet and social media for our daily lives. Whether we use it for personal reasons (i.e checking out…

Why curiosity is a power skill

One person in a crowd is orange and red with clouds floating over them and they are looking up in a curious way.

Around here we have a curious habit. We have a curiosity habit. We ask, coach, direct, and yes, implore, others to do the same.  Contrary…

Coaching with emotional intelligence

Two art pieces in black and white are displayed onto sand and light sage coloured backgrounds and they look complementary.

At EITC, we’re thinking a lot these days about coaching. So much so we’ve thought about changing our name to The Emotional Intelligence Training (and…

Negotiating with emotional intelligence

A negotiator listens intently and watches carefully while their negotiating partner explains something going on for them.

ne·go·ti·ate /nəˈɡōSHēˌāt/ Obtain or bring about by discussion.”he negotiated a new contract with the sellers” We negotiate every single day. We negotiate with our kids.…

Tiny dinosaurs surround a speech balloon with a big white ball of confusion and stress.

Top ten mistakes that leaders make

ByEITC teamMar 17, 2022

This is a webinar recording from January of 2022 on the top ten relationship mistakes leaders make. Join David Cory and Jill Cory while they review their list of top ten mistakes and the underlying beliefs and the emotional intelligence competencies that relate.  The ‘Belief’ category is self-explanatory, but the ‘High EQ Competency’ may require some explanation. What we are indicating is that this could be a higher scoring EQ…

Three office workers sit around a desk talking about work and interpersonal dynamics with a large weird tree and hand float in the background.

How to keep momentum after an emotional intelligence team training

Mar 2, 2022

Your team has just completed a day of training around emotional intelligence. Everyone is energized but a new work week begins and the pressures of the workplace mount.  How do you keep the momentum going? It’s a common problem. It’s…

A drawing of someone walking while carrying an armload of geometric shapes.

Navigating post-pandemic change (yes, more) with cautious optimism

Jun 10, 2021

We’ve made so many changes in a short time. Many of us have finally adapted, or at least found a way to cope with work, education, and family and friend relationships while adhering to health and social distancing requirements. And…

An early career coach sits at their desk doing an online EQ-i 2.0 Certification.

Join us and hone your emotional intelligence and leadership skills

Feb 2, 2021

It’s February! Happy new year! We’re excited about some upcoming webinars and courses. And we’ve been thinking about just how much has changed since this time last year. We’re amazed and gratified by the new influx of course attendees coming…

One paper airplane veers off in a different direction, but still connected.

Grappling with connectedness and the mythology of independence

Apr 2, 2020

I was invited to a virtual coaching networking meeting, knowing only one person. Joining new groups can be uncomfortable for me. But I knew we had one thing in common. We were all grappling with the new world we’ve been…

A series of home in a neighbourhood as seen from above.

The privilege of social isolation

Mar 23, 2020

Yes, these are incredibly unstable times and the impacts are being felt by everyone worldwide. Collectively, we are now thinking about the most vulnerable, the people on the margins, the ones most susceptible to contracting and being deeply impacted by…

The aurora borealis lights up a night time sky over a forest and a brightly lit house.

Practicing silence in coaching and leadership

Aug 22, 2019

For coaches and leaders, comfort with silence is essential.  Silence lets us slow down. When we slow down all kinds of good things happen. We get out of our reaction thinking and into our deep thinking. We can be more…

Water colour graphic representation of microbial cells in red and blue and green and yellow and orange.

Problem solving is the enemy of empathy

May 15, 2019

Listening is hard work. And listening to someone’s pain is even harder. Humans are good at avoiding pain. And we have a variety of defence reactions designed to block the experience of having pain. And that includes the pain caused…

Sierra rock climber, going for it.

No guts, no glory: the evolution of the workplace

Mar 5, 2019

“No guts, no glory” “No pain, no gain” “Keep your nose to the grindstone” “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” While there may be some truth in each of these sayings about the workplace, there is a…

A father and son play in a field at sunset, wearing their capes and acting out superhero-hood!

Courage, leadership, and your emotional intelligence

Feb 18, 2019

Courage is commonly thought of in the context of an incredible act of bravery, or overcoming extreme adversity or risk. In everyday life, we might think of courage as getting up in the night to see if the noise we…

A young worker stands thinking at the railing at an open office at work.

Emotionally intelligent career advice: Who’s writing your reference letter?

Nov 8, 2018

It continues to amaze me how some employees treat the very people who will be writing their reference letters. Who’s writing your reference letter or who is going to provide a reference for you and what are they going to…

Illustration of a woman looking into a mirror and seeing something slightly different in the mirror.

Elevating your self-regard

Jul 26, 2018

My partner and I have recently moved into a condo for the first time. This means I take an elevator multiple times a day. The elevator is beautiful, marble tile, stainless steel and yes, three walls of mirrors. As much…

David Cory, M.A.

Summertime Blues

I’m suffering from/enjoying the Summertime Blues. I’m not sure if I’m suffering or enjoying. I guess I just can’t seem to let go of some of the stuff I ‘ought’ to do so I can really enjoy the stuff I’m doing. My to do list is growing…
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Emotional Intelligence resources

Leaders with Emotional Intelligence – published in the Art of Leadership Magazine, Spring 2013 (PDF)

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – presented at the ASEAN World HR Congress, Kuala Lumpur, 2010 

Coaching Leaders – published in the Vancouver Board of Trade periodical, “Sounding Board” (PDF)

Return on investment reports

There are two very interesting reports with research on the measurable impact of EI development in organizations:

  1. ROI and Emotional Intelligence (PDF)
  2. Leadership and emotional intelligence: driving ROI and performance (PDF)