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Navigating post-pandemic change (yes, more) with cautious optimism

A drawing of someone walking while carrying an armload of geometric shapes.

We’ve made so many changes in a short time. Many of us have finally adapted, or at least found a way to cope with work,…

Join us and hone your emotional intelligence and leadership skills

An early career coach sits at their desk doing an online EQ-i 2.0 Certification.

It’s February! Happy new year! We’re excited about some upcoming webinars and courses. And we’ve been thinking about just how much has changed since this…

Grappling with connectedness and the mythology of independence

One paper airplane veers off in a different direction, but still connected.

I was invited to a virtual coaching networking meeting, knowing only one person. Joining new groups can be uncomfortable for me. But I knew we…

The privilege of social isolation

A series of home in a neighbourhood as seen from above.

Yes, these are incredibly unstable times and the impacts are being felt by everyone worldwide. Collectively, we are now thinking about the most vulnerable, the…

Practicing silence in coaching and leadership

The aurora borealis lights up a night time sky over a forest and a brightly lit house.

For coaches and leaders, comfort with silence is essential.  Silence lets us slow down. When we slow down all kinds of good things happen. We…

Famous Allison Bechdel comic strip reference the test.

Emotionally intelligent features of the Bechdel Test

BySherwin ArnottNov 14, 2013

Wow, what a couple of weeks for the Bechdel Test. I heard an interview last week on the radio with a Swedish Film officionado and I thought that was the end of it. But it’s not – this story is still going. The story is that some movie theatres in Sweden have adopted a new movie rating system, based on the test popularized by Alison Bechdel. In case you don’t…

Surgeons lean over a patient on the operating table.

The Emotional Intelligence of Physicians

Oct 28, 2013

When I told friends and colleagues I was going to be spending two days last week teaching an Emotional Intelligence course to physicians, almost without exception, everyone laughed. It’s interesting to think about why this is. Most people have had…

Culture eats strategy for breakfast peter drucker.

Culture eats strategy

Jul 30, 2013

The full quotation is, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and comes from the great Peter Drucker, considered to be the ‘father of contemporary management theory.’ I recently heard a manager, in an attempt to let me know he knew about…

A guy reads his post it notes on his project board.

Talking, thinking, practicing: how to focus on emotional intelligence

May 30, 2013

Social and emotional intelligence skills are critical to success at work. And life. We live by this here at EITC. And due to a a range of childhood environmental factors, and perhaps some mysteries of nature, some folks have an…

Empathy as a design thinking quality

Empathy and good design

Feb 26, 2013

Some years ago I ordered a set of IDEO Method Cards. There are 51 cards, each describing a method of inspiring good designs that put humans at the centre of the process. I was struck by the innovative ways of…

People walk about in Trafalgar Square in London

EQ Interview Questions

Apr 8, 2010

So, my flight gets cancelled at the Seattle airport and a colleague asks me by email if I know of a resource that provides interview questions according to the 15 EQ Competencies of the BarOn model of EQ. No, I…

Emotional Intelligence resources

Leaders with Emotional Intelligence – published in the Art of Leadership Magazine, Spring 2013 (PDF)

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – presented at the ASEAN World HR Congress, Kuala Lumpur, 2010 

Coaching Leaders – published in the Vancouver Board of Trade periodical, “Sounding Board” (PDF)

Return on investment reports

There are two very interesting reports with research on the measurable impact of EI development in organizations:

  1. ROI and Emotional Intelligence (PDF)
  2. Leadership and emotional intelligence: driving ROI and performance (PDF)