Rebecca Cory

Rebecca Cory is an EQ coach. She has an MA in Adult Education from the University of Victoria. In addition to her work as an EQ coach with EITC, she is the Program Coordinator for University 101, a UVic initiative to make knowledge more accessible. She has worked in community engagement, facilitation, and curriculum development for over fifteen years.

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Practicing silence in coaching and leadership

In leadership roles, whether with individuals or groups, cultivating silence cultivates a coach approach. Coaching is one of four dimensions of leadership in the emotional intelligence leadership model we use…

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Problem solving is the enemy of empathy

Our desire to problem solve might come from empathy, but it doesn’t express empathy. We struggle to see someone we love and care about in pain…

Carve out time for yourself. Write. Share. Get smarter about emotions.

Upcoming Webinar: Creativity, Perfectionism and Emotional Intelligence

Join us on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 11am PDT for an interview with Rebecca Cory, facilitator of our Writing for Emotional Intelligence 30-day online course. We’ll be talking about perfectionism, building our creative muscles and how essential creativity is for living a fulfilling life.

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Carving out time for myself to write has been really important

Writing has always been a powerful form of expression for me. I’ve found surprising wisdom in my own writing. I’ve also learned so much from reading the writing of others. I’ve found that most writing, whether I can directly relate to it or not, prompts me to…

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Upcoming course: Writing for Emotional Intelligence

Happy new year! We’ve put together a curriculum designed to help you build your emotional intelligence through writing. There are two central components to the course, daily writing prompts and an online private space to share writing…

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Upcoming EQ Professionals’ Meetings

At the end of the first day of each certification course, we will be inviting all past course participants to come join us. We’ll be meeting up at the hotel lounge to network and learn …

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