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EQ-i and MBTI

I think the EQ-i and MBTI go great together, but rather than explain my views, let’s hear from MBTI master practitioner, Lori Lacey,


For being such a hot place, Dubai’s pretty cool ;-) Everywhere you go the air conditioning is brutally cold and you have to go outside to warm up ;-) But seriously, what the United Arab …

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Daniel Goleman at Google

Daniel Goleman at Google

This 50 minute presentation by Goleman is of interest because he does a good job laying out the difference between threshold capacities and distinguishing capacities. IQ-like competencies are threshold capacities – that is, people need to meet a basic threshold of IQ to even get in the game. But EQ is a distinguishing capacity in so far as someone’s emotional and social intelligence is directly

David Cory, M.A.

Summertime Blues

I’m suffering from/enjoying the Summertime Blues. I’m not sure if I’m suffering or enjoying. I guess I just can’t seem to let go of some of the stuff I ‘ought’ to do so I can really enjoy the stuff I’m doing. My to do list is growing…

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