Rebecca Cory laughs during her webinar on perfectionism: a Picasso painting of a bull in the background.

Creativity, perfectionism and emotional intelligence

This interview explores the thinking behind the course, the nuts and bolts of the course and what it means to build our creative muscles. They also talk about how perfectionism can get in the way, how embracing mistakes is essential for any creative pursuit and how creativity, whatever that means for you, is essential to living a fulfilling life…

A guy in a suit runs from a tiny chicken, and the shadow of a giant predator.

Unconscious bias, emotional intelligence and leadership

The strength of unconscious bias is it can help us think and make decisions quickly. The downside of unconscious, or implicit, bias is that it is unconscious and we do not know the extent of the impact on our thinking and decision-making. Once we become aware of these biases, we have more choice over their influence on us….

David Cory celebrates providing emotional intelligence training for 20 years.

Celebrating 20 years of emotional intelligence training

My 20 year relationship with emotional intelligence began in June, 1997. I was working at the Open Learning Agency at the time, delivering leadership training and managing a province-wide employment program. I was attending a career development conference in Calgary and chose a breakout session on the topic of…

Women in a circle putting their hands in the middle

Initiatives to support women in leadership

Many organizations have a special initiative to support women in leadership. ATB Financial’s “Elevate” program, Conexus Credit Union in Saskatchewan, goeasy Financial, and Cigna Healthcare are among the growing number of high performing companies that have women’s leadership initiatives. They recognize the important contributions …

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