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Kim Cairns at the beach, on the rocks, at twilight in Esquimalt.Kim Cairns

EQ Coach, decades of leadership roles, senior management, wilderness programs, family support, street outreach, conflict resolution, family mediation, outdoor pursuits, cyclist.
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Mike Walters Mike Walters, EQ Coach

EQ Coach, Leadership Coach (CPCC March 2017) camp director, ranch hand, analyst, experience maker, fund raising Jedi, community organizer, music lover, homemaker for wayward animals, golfer, hockey fan, generally in favour of order in the universe!

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Catherine Burdett is part of the EITC teamCatherine Burdett

EQ Coach and EQ Skills Trainer, former hospitality/ tourism sales and marketing leader, and former executive with ICF Calgary.

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Jill Jamieson at EITC headquarters in Calgary. Jill Jamieson

EQ coach and leadership specialist, facilitator, mentor, leadership instructor from Mount Royal and National Outdoor Leadership school.
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Rebecca Cory Rebecca Cory

EQ coach, communications enthusiast, designer, key note speaker, educator, reader, writer, webmaster, gardener, gourmet cook and yoga practitioner.
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Lofgren, EQ coaching Jenn Lofgren

EQ Coach, Leadership Coach, Culture Consultant, Certified HR Professional, reformed IT professional, inspirer and spark. Fair weather runner, hiker, spa lover and wanna be golfer and skier trying keep up with the best husband and little girl ever.
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Ginette Bédard Ginette Bedard, EQ coach

EQ coach, corporate trainer, customer service connoisseur, aspiring writer, avid concert-goer, fan of everything wellness.
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