A team stands around the table discussing their emotional intelligence initiative involving the use of the EQ 360.

Curriculum design services

We will partner with you and your organization to determine expected and/or required learning outcomes. We will want to know all about your prospective learners, including conducting a learning needs analysis. We’ll want to know  the optimum duration of the program, resources available, and the types of learning modalities and blended learning that will work best for your organization.

Imagine an emotional intelligence development curriculum tailored to your exact learning needs

We’ll explore the key messages you want to get across and make sure we address all the issues and challenges that your group faces. Possibilities include the creation of a participant workbook, facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint presentation, selection of video clips, learning exercises, case studies, and a train-the-trainer workshop.

An example of a custom curriculum is our work with the government of the Republic of Botswana. Imagine creating a course designed to assist a whole nation achieve its goals. You can read more about this unique project here.