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Sample files

EQ-i 2.0

Sample Leadership Client Report EQ-i 2.0 (PDF)

Sample Workplace Client Report EQ-i 2.0 (PDF)

Sample EQ-i 2.0 Coach Report (PDF)

Sample EQ-i Youth Version Report (PDF)

Sample EQ-i Business Report (PDF)

Sample EQ-i 125 Resource Report (PDF)

Sample EQ-i 125 Development Report (PDF)

Sample EQi business report (PDF)

EQ-i resource report sample (PDF)

Sample development EQ-i report (PDF)


Sample EQ-i 2.0 Group Report (PDF)

EQ 360

Sample-EQ-360-2.0-Client-Report (PDF)

Sample EQ-360 2.0 Coach Report (PDF)


Leadership rapport en Francaise (PDF)

Sample EQ-i 2.0 lieu de travail rapport (PDF)

Modèle de l’intelligence émotionnelle (PDF)

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