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We work with organizations of all sizes to design EQ leadership and employee development courses and coaching based on your unique needs.

Leadership and employee development courses, tailor-made for you

We have twenty years of experience designing and facilitating leadership and employee development courses. Let’s work together to design and deliver, or co-deliver, a custom training course that is tailored to your needs and interests. Use the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Report or the EQ-i 2.0 Group Report (or use the multi-rater EQ 360) to assess your current strengths and challenges, and set a course of action to become more effective. Consider EQ coaching to support leadership and team development. It has the power to transform your workplace culture and performance.

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Bring in our team to develop a training and coaching program that addresses your challenges and enhances the growth potential in your company. Whether it’s an engineering team, a post-secondary setting, a healthcare workplace or a law firm, we can design an emotional intelligence training program to provide you and your employees the tools to become outstanding leaders.

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