Team effectiveness

High performance teams require that team members have a high level of self-awareness. They are in touch with and manage their own emotions, which positively impacts their performance and the performance of their team. Many teams think they are a team, because they are a group of people who work together. Some teams may be able to develop their performance as a team naturally, without leadership, but most require leadership from someone to ‘build’ ‘team’ intentionally.

When teams are function well, there is trust and synergy that makes true teamwork possible – and exhilarating. High performance teams have high emotional intelligence.

High performance team check-list

  • Trust among team members
  • Ability to embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth
  • A high level of commitment
  • Are accountable to one another
  • Are results focused

If your team is missing any of the above signs of a ‘high performance’ team, call us – we can help. Using the EQ-i 2.0 Workplace and Leadership Self-Assessments, we can identify team strengths as well as challenges that will help your team optimize its performance.

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