Team effectiveness

Team effectiveness requires that team members have the ability to be in touch with and manage their own emotions and the ability to pay attention to and care about the emotions of others on the team.

When teams are in trouble, there is an absence of trust, they go into ‘survival’ mode and the synergy that is possible with true teamwork is also absent. Many teams think they are a team, but in fact, they are simply a group of people who work together. Some teams may be able to develop as a team naturally, without leadership, but most require leadership from someone to ‘build’ ‘team’ intentionally.

High performance team check-list

  • Trust among team members
  • Ability to embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth
  • A high level of commitment
  • Are accountable to one another
  • Are results focused

If your team is missing any of the above signs of a ‘high performance’ team, call us – we can help.