The best way to improve emotional intelligence is with coaching

Once individuals have an opportunity to learn about what emotional intelligence is and how it is critical to their success at work and in their lives, they want to improve their EI skills. One of the best ways to improve your EI is through one-to-one coaching.

We begin with an EQ Assessment to learn more about strengths and areas of opportunity. For those who go on to become certified to use the assessment tools, debrief and ongoing coaching is also provided.

After an assessment, a coach will meet with you in person or by telephone to review the results of your report. They will then discuss with you your vision of where you want to be – your ideal future. They will then work with you to create a plan for how you can get from where you are currently to your future desired state. Consistent one-to-one coaching sessions will ensure you continue to succeed in reaching your goals.

Coaching is an integral part of the process and the best way to get the most out of your certification or assessment experience.

EQ Coaching is the best way to improve your emotional intelligence.