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Emotional intelligence skills are leadership skills

Women's Leadership Logo Emotional intelligence is foundational to the way we operate in the world, relate to others, create opportunities for ourselves and our organizations; for the way we lead. As leadership development evolves, there is a growing recognition that a leader’s values and beliefs provide the bedrock for effective leadership. When Leaders create alignment between their values and the organization’s purpose and goals, the work is more meaningful, and the outcomes more powerful and effective.

The Heart and Science of Leadership

This three day intensive course is an opportunity for you to examine and build critical emotional intelligence competencies and leadership effectiveness. This will be an experience that takes you to the heart of what matters, supported by the science of effectiveness.

Emotionally Intelligent leaders are people you want to work with. They respect you and what you bring. They are whole hearted and ALL IN. Emotionally Intelligent organizations have a culture that people want to be a part of, commit to and give their best to.

Regina & Toronto courses

The Heart and Science of Leadership for women

The Heart and Science of Leadership

The aurora borealis lights up the night sky while two women stand in freezing ocean water in the arctic ocean, experiencing awe.

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