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Twelve days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas campaign invites you to receive a short note in your inbox each day for 12 days, prompting and encouraging you to…
A team meets about an important issue and look up at an unseen leader who is presenting at the front of the room.

EQ Essentials for Leadership

Whether you are an aspiring or experienced leader, contemplating a change, feeling like you’ve hit a plateau, or struggling with leadership challenges, EQ Essentials for…
Power breakfast meetup where everyone is having some coffee and talking about emotional intelligence.

EQ for Breakfast

About David Cory, B.Ed., M.A. David Cory is a leadership development coach, trainer, and consultant known for his expertise in applying the concept of emotional…
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EITC offerings

We provide a range of emotional intelligence trainings, certifications, custom curricula, and coaching courses.
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Writing for Emotional Intelligence

Get smarter about emotions Course details Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Writing for Emotional Intelligence Course What model of Emotional Intelligence do you use?…
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Some of our clients

A list of a few of the clients we’ve worked with over the years, including the University of Victoria, TELUS, and the Government of Canada.
Emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotions influence everything we do. All perceptions are filtered through an emotional lens. Emotions impact our ability to use logic and reason. Understanding more about…
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Return on investment

Incorporating an understanding of emotional intelligence into your workplace can improve effective leadership and teamwork and increase bottom-line results! Research shows that the EQ-i 2.0…
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Upcoming meet ups

If you’ve ever attended one of our courses or programs, we hope that you’ll join us at one of our regular meetups…
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Course brochures

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships,…
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Style guide

We’ll be adding phrases and terms here to help us with clarity and consistency. Contents

EITC documents (PDFs)

For Alumni Are you looking for the members area? EITC Alumni By Others Sample files EQ-i 2.0 Sample Leadership Client Report EQ-i 2.0 (PDF) Sample…
Jill Cory

Jill Cory, CPCC

Facilitator, Heart and Science of Leadership for Women, Author, EQ Leadership Coach and Trainer. Jill is a certified coach (CPCC) and an experienced leadership development…
EQ and You, with David Cory and Kim Cairns

EQ and You, a broadcast series

EQ and You is a live broadcast, co-hosted by David and Kim, about emotional intelligence, and its occasional conspicuous absence. Previous episodes See our previous…
Rebecca Cory: a white woman in her thirties wears a black cardigan over a mint blouse and wears her pink and orang glasses.

Rebecca Cory, MA, CPCC, ACC

EQ Coaching, Rebecca Cory, has an MA in Adult Education from the University of Victoria, and works in facilitation, curriculum development, and leadership coaching.

Cheryl Stafford, CEC, PCC, CHRP

Cheryl brings over 20 years of executive coaching and strategic human resources experience to supporting leaders to raise the bar and align who they are…
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What is the EQ-i 2.0?

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) is the world’s leading assessment tool used for assessing emotional and social intelligence and an excellent way to understand…

Diane Walters, Ph.D.

Diane Walters, Ph.D. is a Registered Psychologist with almost three decades of experience helping adults, couples, children, adolescents and families. Diane’s experience crosses many settings…
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Articles about emotional intelligence

The Science of People Skills, published in the International Coaches Federation Western Canada Journal of Coaching (PDF) Leaders with Emotional Intelligence – published in the…


EITC webpages Copyright/permission to reproduce The material on this site is covered by the provisions of the Copyright Act, by Canadian laws, policies, regulations and…


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Webinars & online connecting

We host webinars featuring David Cory, Jill Cory and other members of the EITC team, on a variety of topics related to leadership, emotional intelligence,…

Catherine Burdett, CPCC, PCC

Catherine Burdett is an EQ Coach. Catherine’s laugh is infectious. It’s clear this professional certified coach loves what she does and does what she loves.…
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Take the EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360

We become better leaders, create more effective teams, and build better relationships and have better communication by first becoming aware of our own emotional intelligence…

Our team

EITC is a team of emotional intelligence experts, executive coaches, leadership development professionals, curriculum designers, and trainers.
Emotional Intelligence courses for managers

Emotional intelligence for managers

Organizations tend to promote employees into management because of their technical expertise, seniority,  or a relationship with a decision maker. Managers have not necessarily been…
Design cards hanging on a wire, spelling out emotional intelligence.

About emotional intelligence

Understanding your emotional operating system is the first step toward improving it. Emotional intelligence matters Emotional Intelligence, or EI, has been shown to be a…
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Reviews and recommendations of EITC led courses, trainings, workshops and keynote speaking engagement with David Cory.

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Kim Cairns at the beach, on the rocks, at twilight in Esquimalt.

Kim Cairns, CPCC

Find Kim on Social  @EQ2Lead Book an appointment If you’re already working with Kim, you can book an appointment with him on his appointment booking…
A young executive meets their coach after work to debrief a situation, downtown Toronto.

EQ Coaching

An excellent way to improve your Emotional Intelligence is through EQ Coaching. Once individuals have an opportunity to learn about what emotional intelligence is …

Klaudia Williams

Klaudia Williams is a Senior EQ Coach with EITC. Coaching and Leadership Development are Klaudia’s passion and her life’s purpose. Klaudia specializes in integrating emotional intelligence, coaching,…
David Cory is a great keynote speaker.

David Cory, President

David is a leadership performance consultant specializing in individual and organizational performance improvement, coach and trainer with 20 years of experience working with leaders in…
David Cory presents at the Royal Roads Leadership Conference in Victoria.

David Cory is a dynamic keynote presenter

Presentations are always customized for the specific needs of audiences. These presentations can focus on Emotional Intelligence Skill Development; Introduction to Emotional Intelligence; Emotional Intelligence…
David Cory receiving his MHS Partnership award.


Thank you for your interest in our services! We look forward to building a successful working relationship with you! To discuss how we can partner…
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