Heart and Science of Leadership

If you are looking for a course that develops your capacity to lead with emotional intelligence, this course is for you! Whether you are an aspiring or experienced leader, contemplating a change, feeling like you’ve hit a plateau, or struggling with leadership challenges, Heart and Science of Leadership offers you a unique opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

A team meets about an important issue and look up at an unseen leader who is presenting at the front of the room.

You’ll notice we have two leadership courses – a unique, three day intensive course for women only, The Heart and Science of Leadership for Women, and a comprehensive two day comprehensive leadership course for everyone. You choose which course is a better fit for you and if you’re having trouble, call us. We can help you decide.

Learn the EQ essentials for leadership

This twelve week leadership course is a unique opportunity for you to become an emotionally intelligent leader. The course combines the powerful framework and science of the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment with a hands on approach to examine where you are as a leader, where you want go next and what EQ leadership competencies you need to strengthen and develop.

You will use the EQ-i 2.0 leadership assessment, framework, tools, and facilitated conversations with other like-minded leaders to help get you there. This all happens through a focused exploration of your EQ competencies and challenges as they connect to critical leadership skills. Through the knowledge and insights you gain, you will build clear leadership development goals and actions.

Emotionally intelligent leadership

Critical EQ skills such as self-regard, self-actualization, assertiveness, empathy, reality testing and optimism are highly correlated with the 4 dimensions of leadership. By enhancing your EQ skills, you will transform as a leader – and transform your other life roles as well. Participating in this leadership course, you will gain insights into your EQ leadership strengths and challenges and you will leave the course with new tools, best practices in leadership and concrete development plans to ensure that your leadership development continues after the course is complete. We are also committed to your ongoing development. We provide you with connections to the EITC leadership community who can be an ongoing resource for you, and we include two follow-up coaching sessions to support your plan.

Become an outstanding leader

The leaders who take this leadership course know that leaders are developed – not born! They know that EQ skills are essential for becoming a courageous, trustworthy, authentic leader for the 21st century. They have faced challenging leadership situations and recognize the need to have a range of tools and approaches to address diverse and complex organizational and leadership challenges. They want to lead with their values, and inspire their teams to be aligned with personal and organizational values too. And they want their work and life to be integrated and balanced. Heart and Science of Leadership offers you a twelve week online course to develop the EQ skills that are most important for becoming an effective and authentic leader.

Your leadership story

Whether you join the online course for everyone, or the in-person course for Women, you will have the opportunity to explore your leadership story. What story do you want your leadership journey to tell? What are the highlights, significant learning moments and lessons learned in becoming a leader? How do you to use your experience to guide and support your team and lead your organization?

Your leadership story will help you know yourself better, and you can use that self-awareness to inspire your team and organization. Your journey will also point the way to the next step in your journey.

A new leadership conversation

All our leadership courses create a learning environment where you can grow and learn as a leader by sharing experiences and strategies through intentional and focused conversations with the course facilitators and participants. You will have opportunities to connect with other leaders who want to build a new leadership direction that is relevant for the 21st century- together.

Course overview

As a participant in the leadership course, you will complete the EQ-i 2.0 assessment on-line and receive a comprehensive individualized Leadership Report. Prior to the course, each participant will receive an individual EQ-i 2.0 debrief session with one of the course facilitators. Following the course, you will receive an additional two coaching sessions to deepen the learning.

The Two Day Course: This is your opportunity to explore what it takes to be a transformational leader. You will gain crucial information and tools about the importance of emotional intelligence. You will develop key EQ skills and competencies that support the four dimensions of leadership – Authenticity, Coaching, Innovation and Insight. And, you will have the opportunity to keep practicing these skills in a supportive leadership community. While the emphasis is on how to develop EQ for leadership, the course will change your professional career as well as your personal relationships.

After the Course: You will leave with a leadership toolbox that is full of insights, strategies, models, processes, new colleagues, commitments and action plans. And we will support your ongoing commitment to development with two follow-up coaching sessions (included in the course fee) to support your ongoing leadership development.

Benefits of the course

  • Using your comprehensive EQ-i 2.0 leadership report as a guide, you will learn critical emotional intelligence skills such as self-regard, self-actualization, assertiveness, optimism and problem solving and understand how the emotions behind these skills impact many of our personal and leadership processes.
  • Time to pause and think: Does your life feel like it’s moving at lighting speed? Do you have time to reflect on the choices you make; the things you say and the things you don’t say; why you operate the way you do; or contemplate your strengths and challenges?
  • Insights and reflections: The awareness you gain from the course will give you the clarity and confidence to strengthen your leadership and give you knowledge about yourself.
  • Tools and Plans: You will leave the course with innovative tools, best practices in leadership and a concrete action plan to ensure sustainable development. And you will have access to follow-up coaching to keep you on track.
  • Find your voice as a leader: With the EQ leadership model as a foundation, you will develop greater awareness of yourself and others, gain clarity about what how to connect your values to your leadership, and craft leadership goals that fit with the next step in your journey.

Join the leadership conversation

“The most valuable aspect of the course was the realization that you are your own leader first and foremost. These learnings will benefit me in my professional role – and also in my personal life.”


“Mike and David are the ‘soul’ of what might otherwise be elusive and inaccessible material. They keep it real and steer the course with purpose, but always with support. A great learning environment for a challenging subject.”


Register and you receive

  • Comprehensive EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Report and debrief
  • Two day in-depth leadership course
  • Leadership Profile
  • Three coaching session
  • Follow-up webinar with course participants


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Course Price

Price includes EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment, Report, Debrief, two day course and 2 follow-up coaching sessions (total of 3 coaching sessions) as well as light breakfasts, lunches and coffee/tea and nutritional snacks throughout the course.

Jumpstart your leadership with Coaching

Coaching accelerates your ability to address the challenges and opportunities you are currently experiencing, and supports the application of learning through action. This is an optional add-on to the course.

Special pricing for leadership course participants only:

  • Two hours of coaching and unlimited email support monthly.
  • $400/month (based on a three month commitment).