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Heroic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

January 28 9:00 AM, Pacific Time

Why do some leaders feel they have to be heroes? Is heroic leadership a good thing or a bad thing? Join David Cory as he discusses this question and the connection between ‘hero leaders’ and emotional intelligence.

Participants will:

  • learn about the emotional intelligence skills of hero leaders
  • learn why hero leadership might not be best for anyone
  • learn how EQ development can help leaders transition from ‘hero’ to collaborator

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About our webinars, and about us

Join team members, David Cory and others, as they explore how we can assess and develop emotional intelligence to improve performance in individual leaders, their development and the development of their teams.

EITC was one of the first companies in North America to focus on the development of emotional intelligence skills for leaders in 1998 and has since worked with leaders in some of the most progressive companies in the world on many continents.

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