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About coaching

Coaching can help you. If you want to develop your emotional intelligence skills, coaching can give you a boost. It works for athletes, and it can work for leaders and executives. Successful athletes have entire teams to help them grow and push and thrive. This is not an accident.

Coaching is focus

When people decide to learn a new skill or develop a new capacity, having a plan is is essential to allow growth to happen. Without the time and space and energy to pursue learning, learning won’t happen. Changing behaviour can be hard work. Changing behaviours that have been with us for a lifetime, can be challenging. A coach can help us stay on topic. Can help us keep thinking about where we want to go.

Coaching is about knowing

Coaching is a deep dive into who we are. It’s a non judgemental space to investigate the reality of our lives. It’s a place to observe the “shoulds” and “oughts” that circulate in our thoughts.

Coaching can help you change directions

Change happens. Sometimes change happens to us. Sometimes change is something that we make happen. We don’t always realize the extent of change and the potential for change lives inside us. Coaching helps us see and understand our own choices.

Explore your capacities

Leadership can be lonely. As managers get promoted they often have fewer people to speak freely with. Thinking out loud can be very beneficial, if you have a safe, confidential person to think out loud with.

The higher up leaders and executives go with respect to their responsibilities and duties, the less space there is for exploration. The space to vent and explore can become limited for. Having a coach is like having a safe space to try out thoughts and ideas and explore experiences that might otherwise not be apparent or seem feasible.

Coaching is a place of energy

We find that people generally want to examine their lives. They have a yearning for more. And when we can help facilitate that, as coaches, there can be a lot of untapped energy that becomes available.

Coaching is a big picture

Coaching is a journey of moving between perspectives. It’s a chance to see things from the macro and the micro and from different angles. Coaching helps us see through different lenses and helps us to become more familiar with the lenses we have and rely on. And we can learn the agility of moving between perspectives.

Getting coached is about engaging

Sometimes, when life is full, we lose the ability to stay present with what is going on. Time with a coach is time to engage. Time with a coach is special kind of work.

Examine who you are being

Who we are being can be invisible to us. Without someone prompting us, making inquiries, listening, engaging us, who we are being can get lost in the hubbub of life and work. Who are you? How are you being with people? In your family life? With your colleagues? Let us help you examine, clarify and adjust.

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We provide training, assessment and coaching for managers and leaders who want to improve team functioning, work effectiveness and profits.

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