Emotional intelligence training and consulting

We don’t just offer training. We are experts in the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) as it applies to individual and organizational effectiveness. We can tell you how EI and EQ (emotional quotient) can help you and your company improve performance and, together, we can design and implement a plan to make your vision reality.

We help people like you develop their EI skills

Our mission is to create permanent, sustainable change in individuals and organizations through the development of emotional intelligence skills. Our values include honesty, integrity, social responsibility in the service of others, and abundance versus a scarcity mentality. Our vision is to lead the way in Emotional Intelligence skills development through assessment, coaching, training, and consulting.

We help people develop their EI skills. And we can certify you to use the EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 so you can help others develops their EI skills.

EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification

Emotional Quotient certification

Highly effective people demonstrate the competencies measured by the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360. These competencies are highly correlated with the ability to provide transformational leadership, effective teamwork, exceptional customer service, and sales excellence. Get certified in one of our public courses or host your own in-house certification course.

Certification program

Developing EQ

This additional full-day course provides the knowledge, skills, and required for participants to become confident and competent in understanding how emotional intelligence skills can be improved to enhance leadership, team effectiveness, and personal and professional effectiveness.

Leadership courses

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We offer a three day intensive course as an opportunity for you to examine and build critical emotional intelligence competencies and leadership effectiveness. This will be an experience that takes you to the heart of what matters, supported by the science of effectiveness.

Get coaching

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Improving your EI/EQ leads to professional and personal success. One of the best ways to improve your emotional intelligence is through coaching.

Keynote speaking

David Cory stands over a table in the EITC headquarters, with his guitar in the background.

David Cory has been providing international keynotes on workplace effectiveness, leadership and team development, all through the indispensable lens of emotional intelligence, for over a decade.

Consulting & custom in-house courses & workshops

From half-day courses to year long curricula, we can custom design emotional intelligence programming, including the implementation of EQ assessments and 360 assessments, for your company with an eye to increasing your return on investment.

Contact us

Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Meet our team. Find out more about our courses and certifications.

EQ-i 2.0 or EQ360 assessment

Assessment of emotional assessment

EQ assessment gives organizations, HR professionals and individuals the information they need to plan for the development of teams and leaders. It’s the first step in developing your EI skills.

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Most enjoyable

“After 26 years in HR and having attended hundreds of presentations, this was the most enjoyable morning I’ve ever spent.” Sheila Kilpatrick, former Employee Development Director

Sr. Learning and Development Practitioner, Innovation Canada.

Great course, great tool and great instructors/coaches

“Delving into emotional intelligence at a deeper level has personally challenged me to focus on developing myself more in every area. Great course, great tool and great instructors/coaches. Thank you!” Joyce Abarbanel, Sr. Learning and Development Practitioner

A man in a suit and tie.

What a great asset this tool is for us to be successful in service to our clients

“I thought too – it was just an exceptional group to work with. I found the way this was presented and the interactive nature of this really beneficial and the breakout groups, and opportunity to practice with each other, I thought there was a great spirit of enthusiasm and engagement and mutual support in that environment. So I really, really relish that piece of the exercise. And, you know, less lecture style was really effective and meaningful for me. And…

Frances West, Program Manager.

Understanding of emotional intelligence and extensive knowledge

“I have had the pleasure of working with David as well as attending an EQ-i certification course he facilitated. David’s well honed facilitation skills and level of professionalism are exemplary. His leadership skills and dedication to promoting the understanding of emotional intelligence and his extensive knowledge set him apart in this field. I highly recommend David’s work and ability to inspire.” Frances West, Program Manager

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Epiphanous for me, both personally and professionally

“Thank you very much for the amazing job you did leading the EQ-i 2.0/360 training last week in Toronto. I have been to MANY training sessions in my career, and yours was by far the best. Quite honestly, I am still somewhat ‘deer in the headlights’ in terms of the material, but I am a huge fan of anything that forces us to dig a little deeper. It was quite epiphanous for me, both personally and professionally.” Joanne Paterson, Durham…

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Depth of knowledge

“I hired David to conduct emotional intelligence training with a group of emotionally well-grounded people. His approach and depth of knowledge made the sessions enjoyable and he provided subtle insights and a common language for us to deepen our ability to move with greater emotional effectiveness in our leadership and in our customer service.” Mark Haeussler