Emotional intelligence for managers

There are far more skilled managers than leaders in this world. Most managers get to be managers because of their technical expertise, seniority, knowledge or a relationship with a decision maker. Managers are not necessarily hired to inspire, engage, or able to ignite passion in their teams. They may not know much about how to manage the people they are leading.  If you have a great leader as a manager, you’re one of the lucky ones. So, how do we at EITC transform managers into leaders?

We break down leadership into its component parts (self-knowledge, relationship-building, effective communication, team effectiveness) and then we break down those component parts further into emotional intelligence competencies. We instruct, demonstrate and practice emotional intelligence and leadership skills in interactive workshops and one-one coaching sessions to transform managers into leaders. All this has an impact on organizations which can increase your bottom-line results, employee engagement and retention, and develop an emotionally intelligent culture.

Check out our paper on leading with EI: Leading With Emotional Intelligence (PDF)

Enhance your work – enhance your life

At EITC we create training programs for organizations to increase organizational effectiveness and we coach people one-on-one and in groups (in-person, over the telephone and video conferencing) to improve the results they get in their work and in their lives.

Emotional intelligence skills development with EITC

We also train coaches, trainers, educators, counselors, consultants, and HR professionals to do what we do through our trainings and courses.

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