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What a great asset this tool is for us to be successful in service to our clients

I thought too – it was just an exceptional group to work with. I found the way this was presented and the interactive nature of this really beneficial and the breakout groups, and opportunity to practice with each other, I thought there was a great spirit of enthusiasm and engagement and mutual support in that environment. So I really, really relish that piece of the exercise. And, you know, less lecture style was really effective and meaningful for me. And I’m looking forward to it.You know, it’s really built my confidence in, a, taking the exam and then secondly, really keen and anxious to get out and start utilizing the tool as well, both by way of the individual but also the group which will be focussed in on next week, which I’m attending as well. And what a great asset this tool is for us to be successful in service to our clients.

Steve Hoscheit, CFRE, CEC
President at Hoscheit Consulting Services Inc. (HCSI)

I was thrilled to have this as the first step on my journey to coaching.

Anthea Gomez, CHRE, SAIGE HR Consulting.

“I was thrilled to have this as the first step on my journey to coaching. I would say to the group it’s been a terrific group and very safe. I honestly started this with a bit of trepidation simply because I hadn’t been part of a course for so many years. My personal development has been my own personal development – not part of a group. Everyone made this a very safe environment and David and Mike thank you, and David you’re terrific presenter. I just love your style and you made it very comfortable and safe as well.”

Anthea Gomez

Thank you so much David to you and your team at EITC

Angela Payne, business leader, board advisor with LeedHR.

“Thank you so much David to you and your team at EITC. I think your program is really far and away a really great program, and when I compare it against the other programs that are available in Canada for the same thing, there’s really a lot of value. So I really wanted to thank you for the time and also the opportunity to keep learning and with all the additional value pieces included in the alumni program, which is really awesome. It was nice to work with you and with such a safe group. So, thank you very much.” – Angela Payne

Angela Payne

Very grateful for what I have gained/learnt

It is very rare that I walk away from a training program feeling “light”, that some weight has been lifted off my shoulder. The three days we spent together did that and more: It helped lift a weight I did not even know I was carrying. Thank you! I remain very grateful for what I have gained/learnt thus far and look forward to its impact on both my personal and professional life.

Edith Conacher, Student Affairs
University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine

Thank you so much David, it’s been amazing

Fernanda Domeniche, profile photo.

Thank you to Jill as well and to everyone here. I’ve learned so much with everyone. It’s been beyond my expectations. I’m really pleased as a learning professional with all the activities that you put together. I’m very very happy that you created a safe environment even in an online setting.

Fernanda Domeniche

Great course, great tool and great instructors/coaches

Sr. Learning and Development Practitioner, Innovation Canada

Delving into emotional intelligence at a deeper level has personally challenged me to focus on developing myself more in every area. Great course, great tool and great instructors/coaches. Thank you!,

Joyce Abarbanel, Sr. Learning and Development Practitioner
Innovation Canada

Transformative learning experience

Participating in the EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 certification course was a transformative learning experience! I appreciated the experiential activities that had us interpreting assessments and demonstrating the components of effective feedback and debrief best practices. Each day surpassed my expectations of the workshop providing incredible insight into how emotions and their impact influence various aspects of our lives! This was truly a fabulous course!!!”

Josie Berardinelli, M.Ed., CTDP
Operations Learning & Communications

Excellent balance of theory, science and practical applications

Todd Kettner, PhD Psychology

I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic workshop! I really enjoyed the EI course which re-inspired me on a number of levels – personally, relationally and professionally. The many positive comments that participants were making to each other during lunch and coffee breaks is a measure of just how good this training was. David’s ability to present on EI with a deep respectful interpersonal presence and gentle humor made the hours fly by. Even though I came to the workshop with a solid background knowledge of emotional intelligence, this course’s excellent balance of theory, science and practical applications stretched me even further.

Dr. Todd Kettner, Founder
Summit Psychology Group

Rave reviews!

Ursula Wittner profile photo

Hi David! I have received nothing but rave reviews from the staff that attended your workshop! I can’t thank you enough for launching our EI initiative and getting our managers excited about the next steps. All the managers agree the front-line staff need to attend your workshop and I agree as well.

Ursula Wittner, MBA, HR Manager
WINS – Women In Need Society

Great information and learning process!

Lillas Marie Hatala profile photo

Just loved the course the past three days, great information and learning process, and feel I have some new colleagues and friends as well! Thanks for a great learning experience!

Lillas M. Hatala, MCEd, CHRP,CMC Executive Director
Integrative Leadership International Ltd, Calgary, AB

Impressed with course content and facilitation

Wayne Townsend

I just finished the EQ-i course and am in the middle of the 360 Feedback. I really enjoyed hearing and seeing David Cory in action both in the three day training certification course and in the three hour phone conference. I am most impressed with how David handles the course content and the facilitation of the various questions that come from the participants. I am looking forward to using the resources and training provided with both my companies and the contacts derived from the connectivity. Presently, these two companies Peer Mentor and Faith Mentor are about mentoring, coaching and leadership training which directly involves emotional intelligence. The concepts developed and shared by David will be most useful as I link with other companies and leadership around the world. Thank you David.

Wayne Townsend
Peer Mentor

Smash hit

Gord Aker

David gave a presentation on Emotional Intelligence to the Calgary Association of Professional Coaches and was a smash hit! He was insightful, knowledgeable and wildly entertaining and we received hugely positive feedback from those that attended. If you are looking for someone to speak to your group or organization about Emotional Intelligence, you need look no further than David. I heartily recommend him without reservation.

Gord Aker, ACC, President
Calgary Association of Professional Coaches

Enthralled the audience

Lee Brovedani

David was one of the keynote speakers at the conference I chaired on emotional intelligence. David had a unique approach combining his gift of song and his knowledge of emotional intelligence and was able to deliver a presentation that enthralled the audience. David’s warm and inviting personality connects with people on an emotional level.

Lea Brovedani, Chair
Nexus Conference

Very knowledgeable

Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk

David is very knowledgeable of his subject matter and a proficient presenter and trainer. Over the years that I’ve had the pleasure of working with David in different contexts, I found him to be very approachable and warm-hearted, authentic, and constructive in his feedback. Of course I love his singing too!

Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, President
ePsy Consultancy

A Wonderful Course

CoVibrance, Vibrant People Powerful Results

Really enjoyed the EQi 2.0/EQ 360 certification course in Ottawa in February. David did a wonderful job teaching the course and left us feeling that he had exceeded our expectations completely. Also, the other participants were a joy to meet and interact with in the exercises. We look forward to meeting up again sometime soon. We would solidly recommend the course to anyone looking for EQ training.

David Teed


Thank you very much for the amazing job you did leading the EQ-i 2.0/360 training last week in Toronto. I have been to MANY training sessions in my career, and yours was by far the best. Quite honestly, I am still somewhat ‘deer in the headlights’ in terms of the material, but I am a huge fan of anything that forces us to dig a little deeper. It was quite epiphanous for me, both personally and professionally.

Joanne Paterson
Durham College

Understanding of emotional intelligence and extensive knowledge

I have had the pleasure of working with David as well as attending an EQi certification course he facilitated. David’s well honed facilitation skills and level of professionalism are exemplary. His leadership skills and dedication to promoting the understanding of emotional intelligence and his extensive knowledge set him apart in this field. I highly recommend David’s work and ability to inspire.

Frances West, Program Manager | Facilitator | Career Counsellor
Open Learning Agency

Most enjoyable

After 26 years in HR and having attended hundreds of presentations, this was the most enjoyable morning I’ve ever spent.

Sheila Kilpatrick, former Employee Development Director
North Shore Credit Union


Excellent…I highly recommend David Cory. He combined knowledge (cognitive) with EQ in delivering a superb program.

Dr. Scott Wright
Director, Saskatchewan Agriculture

Was fantastic

David was great! What he brought in the way of extras – stories, experience, and music was fantastic!

Tasha Engel
Management Consulting Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Significant positive impact

The EQ-i Certification Course has made a significant positive impact on my coaching business.

Thomas Ucko
Ucko and Associates, San Francisco, CA


I particularly liked the role modeling of using ‘emotion triggering’ activities like the guitar playing. I rate this workshop 10/10!”

Elaine Thomas
Organizational Effectiveness, Suncor Energy Inc.

David is the best

I have been to many workshops throughout my career and have experienced many different facilitators. David is by far the best. David’s style allows participants to listen and absorb information in a very relaxed and non-confrontational way which makes the learning totally comfortable. David was always approachable and open to questions and demonstrated a thorough understanding and interest in the subject matter. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend David Cory as an EQ facilitator to colleagues. Thank you again.

Julie Wilson-Clements
Peel District School Board, Mississauga, Ontario

Awesome job

David has done an awesome job of bringing the concept of emotional intelligence to the training and development arena in Vancouver. A multi-talented guy, David is really sincere about assisting people to improve their ability to forge solid relationships.

Dawna Jones, President
InSight Out Consulting Inc.

Demonstrated expertise

Although I have known David for years through several professional associations we both belong to, I only recently attended a certification workshop with David and had the pleasure of actually working with him. David demonstrated his passion and expertise with the Bar-On EQi assessment through the entire three days. With his personable approach, facilitative style and stories of his experience, I left with much more knowledge about emotional intelligence and how to use the Bar-On EQi to assess its functioning. Thanks David!

Lisa Ryan

Can be counted on to meet your needs

I have had the opportunity to work with David directly on E.I. projects as a joint venture and also contracted his services with excellent results. David is a professional that can be counted on to meet your needs whatever the challenge. Additionally, we will continue to seek opportunities to work together in the present and foreseeable future.

Steve Watt

Strong and memorable message

I have had the pleasure of attending a few of David’s presentations. He is knowledgeable about EQ and its applications and uses his warm and engaging style to deliver a strong and memorable message. I recommend him highly.

Linda Waddell

Grateful for the material

Thank you for the EQ-I training yesterday. Your enthusiasm and inner passion for the topic of EQ is unparalleled when compared to other presenters. You have a natural giftedness in the area of communications. I am grateful for the material you presented as it will further my ability to be a better executive coach.

Greg Nichvalodoff

Superior grasp of the subject.

David is a very talented Emotional Intelligence practitioner. I have seen him deliver several workshops of various titles in this field. He has great rapport with his audience and a superior grasp of the subject. I would recommend David highly to develop and/or deliver most relevant areas of emotional intelligence.

John Avella, President
EQ International Perspectives

Depth of knowledge

I hired David to conduct emotional intelligence training with a group of emotionally well-grounded people. His approach and depth of knowledge made the sessions enjoyable and he provided subtle insights and a common language for us to deepen our ability to move with greater emotional effectiveness in our leadership and in our customer service.

Mark Haeussler
CEO Alpine Leadership

Significance and impact of EQ

Intelligent, passionate, articulate, and professional are only a few words that capture my experience of attending one of David’s EQ-I workshops. David presents a compelling reason to seriously integrate EQ testing in a leadership environment. His knowledge and ability to assimilate and then communicate the significance and impact of EQ in day-to-day interactions are to be commended. David truly makes sense of complexity and quickly tests the status quo in organizational and executive development.

I can unreservedly recommend David, his EQ model and his methodologies for organizational development and learning.

Greg Nichvalodoff, MBA, CPC