An image with overlapping colourful circles of red and blue and yellow, with words on top: Emotional intelligence.

Brand guidelines, logos and downloads

We’ve made some files available for download on this page. Usage of these files is intended for partners, clients, contractors and supporters of EITC. Essentially, the files are intended for use by those that have permission to use them.

Creating a common look and feel

The brand guidelines are fairly straightforward.

More or less, don’t:

  • stretch or reshape the logos
  • recolour the logos
  • present the logo in contexts that are too small or too squishy
  • present the logo in so small a version that it is rendered hard to recognize

In other words, do:

  • use the logo in large and small ways
  • use the EPS version for highest resolution outputs
  • use the colour and black and white versions
  • use the version that fits well
  • ensure there is lots of whitespace around the logo
  • use the coloured background versions in busy or visually complicated contexts where there is a background image

Notes on colour

[icon icon=”stop” size=”3x” color=”#124675″]
EITC dark blue
100 76 29 14 (CMYK, PRINT)
10 72 118 (RGB, WEB)
#124675 (HEX, WEB

[icon icon=”stop” size=”3x” color=”#0073ae”]
EITC light blue
89 50 9 1 (CMYK, PRINT)
0 115 174 (RGB, WEB)
#0073ae (HEX, WEB)

Zipped folders of logos

You will find the EITC logos in a variety of versions and formats. These files are available as JPG and PNG files and also as vector format files.

If in doubt about how to implement these logos, contact us and ask for help. We’ll be happy to offer critical feedback and ideas. Do you need a different file format? Let us know!

French versions of the EITC logo

Zipped folder: EITC logos in French (3MB) 

EITC: Connaitre. Engager. Diriger.