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Engaging and humorous

“If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear The Emotional Intelligence Training Company, Inc. David Cory’s presentation on “The Emotional Intelligence Employee Development Blueprint”, I highly recommend it! David presented this information to our local SHRM chapter’s monthly meeting via webinar last week, and I am still hearing feedback from our chapter members that it was the best lunch and learn they could remember attending! To be honest, I was concerned a webinar might limit our attendance, but not only did we have the best attendance we have had in some time, it is like David was in the room with us and the members were engaged and participating! We’ve all heard of EI, but David’s model and blueprint was delivered in an engaging and humorous way and I’m pumped to learn more! Thank you, David and team, for helping us get this scheduled!”

Richelle Sandlin, VP Programs – TVC/SHRM