David Cory webinar recap: Coaching for drive

A space rocket blasts off in the middle of smoke and fire!

How can we understand drive using the Emotional Intelligence model? And, what is drive?

David Cory specifies that drive in this context is understood as an individual’s intrinsic motivation. Motivation is a broad term and can include many extrinsic dimensions as well. In a professional context, motivation to work can be because of something else we get out of it. Like rent. Intrinsic motivation comes from loving the work itself. This happens when it is aligned with our values.

Ideally, of course, everyone would have a job they loved that would also take care of extrinsic necessities! Have you checked in with your employees lately?

Many people are affected by struggles with motivation and especially drive.

He also includes an excerpt of an interview with Dan Pink who is the author of Drive. Pink suggests leaders focus more on why a job matters instead of how it should be done. He further suggests that feedback is important for motivation in the sense that it gives a sense of progress.

The two EI competencies that David focusses on are Self-Regard and Self-Actualization. The former is connected to drive because we set our goals based on how we see ourselves. If our Self-Regard is high we feel confident pursuing our dreams – we know we are enough to achieve them and so set them as tangible goals.

We need Self-Actualization for this too! With this EI Competency we can know our values.

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