EQ coaching and renewal

Vancouver harbour in the spring time.

March is the month of Spring and in Vancouver (the home I left yesterday morning) the rhubarb is up in our backyard and the trees are loaded with buds that are going to burst forth at any moment – can’t wait for those magnolia blossoms. This morning on CBC radio, in Calgary, brrrr, where there is still lots of snow, they were discussing signs of Spring even though Spring is not at all evident to the untrained eye ;-) Spring is, however, a time of renewal and a good time to be thinking about how we can renew ourselves and our business activities.

At EITC, we are re-thinking how we offer our services. This should be an ongoing process, but what happens is we fall into comfortable patterns of operating and don’t stop and reflect on whether we are doing things in the best possible way.

We are re-thinking the courses that we offer. We have only ever offered the EQ-i and EQ-360 Certification Courses as public offerings. So now we’re trying a new course called “Emotional Intelligence for Success”, a more hands-on, practical applications ‘workshop’ to increase EQ. We are considering adding additional courses as well like emotional intelligence for newer managers and emotional intelligence for senior executives (we currently offer this course through our training partners overseas, but will soon be offering it in North America as well).

We are putting extra effort into promoting our EQ coaching services and linking it to training. I’ve decided I want to do more key note speaking, which I love, and we’ll be launching a new website dedicated to speaking. As those of you who work on your own know, it can be lonely, so we also have a new emphasis on working together as more of a team to create synergy. We are also looking at which information products and training tools make sense for us to offer for sale to our clients and customers.

Personally, I’m looking at what might be next for me in terms of professional development to take me to the ‘next level.’

What about you? What are you doing to renew yourself or your business activities? Drop me a line and let me know.

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