New sample reports (EQ-i and EQ 360)

Sample report cover: EQ report

As you know, each month I share a document which I believe will be useful to you in your pursuit of service quality. This month is no different, except that the EQ tool for May is a sample of the new EQ-i 2.0. You can download this file and see how this wonderful new model and new report will enhance your professional practice.

This is the new assessment that was launched by Multi-Health Systems Inc. in Toronto on April 29th. Based on statistical and practical considerations collected from the 13 years of experience with the EQ-i ‘1.0’, the new version 2.0 addresses all the concerns that have been raised by practitioners and researchers who had already praised the EQ-i 1.0 for being the leader in the field of EQ assessment. This new report and model have blasted the EQ-i 2.0 way out front of the EQ assessment field.

To learn more about how this is used in practice, check out one of our free webinars, “Top 10 Reasons to Use the EQ-i” if you’re relatively new to the field or “EQ Professional Webinar Series” if emotional intelligence is a primary area of focus for you in your work. If you’d like to let me know what you think, please comment below.

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