Footprints in the Snow


Every morning I walk with my dog through the Calgary snow and where we walk no one else goes, so every morning I have the opportunity to try to walk in my own footprints. Funny, I don’t think Jonah has this same compulsion. ;-) Have you ever tried to do this? It’s really difficult to do. You will invariably step outside the previous print. This got me thinking about life and no matter how we try to repeat the exact same actions in the exact same way that previously brought success, circumstances change which require us to change. No moment is ever the same. To me, this highlights the idea that there are things/forces/shifting realities outside our control.

I mean, I wear the same boots. I have the same stride. It’s the same walk, but as much as I’d like to leave the beautiful untouched snow unmarked by a new set of prints, I cannot put each step neatly within the previous print. So, I must accept that I will mess up the snow and carry on. We’re humans and perfection is an unrealistic goal. Progress, however, is a realistic goal and much desired. Okay, so I might not do life perfectly, but I can do it better than I did it last time. Progress not perfection…mmm Just might help give me the strength when I’m feeling ‘perfectionistic.’ What do you think? Please comment below.

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  1. yes, we do have impressions left by prior experiences and we do leave impressions or chance for perceptions. Knowing what we have done, or what we can do is important than justifying/believing how we can fit into the same footprint. circumstances and relationships define our footprints. the energy to retaliate.reflect also determines the shape of the footprint and it is amazing that the brain that can think of all this, is unable to prioritize this fact when the thought surfaces. the immediate reaction to a situation is more of protecting one’s space and that footprint has to move into a larger picture to enable one to respond to the situation.

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