Chuck Wolfe, a true Pioneer and the ‘Emotion Roadmap’

headshot of Chuck Wolfe

I was trying to think about which wonderful website/resource to share with you this month and I read this email message from my colleague, Chuck Wolfe – a true pioneer in the field of emotional intelligence. He writes,



“Hi David, as you know, I’ve hosted my radio show over the internet for the past two years called, “The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel and Control How You Feel.”

Twice a month it is a talk show I host, and once a month I have really interesting guests that I interview. This past Wednesday I interviewed Peter (Salovey), Jack (Mayer) and David (Caruso) about the beginning of their work in EI; the role I had with them and the work that I did with them.

I wondered if you would like to feature the link on your website or in your newsletter. The interview went very well and I have received wonderful feedback from those that heard it live. It was done this past Wednesday.

Hope all is well with you! Here is the link to my playlist on emotional intelligence and leadership with the interview I mentioned.

Even if you don’t post it, I suspect you will enjoy listening to it.

Warm regards,


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