Emotional Intelligence at the Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

David Cory stands in front of a class of engineers at the University of Calgary, working through some EI trainings.

Thank you to the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering for inviting me in to provide EI training to students. And also kudos. In very progressive fashion, the School of Engineering is offering future engineers more than technical training. They are preparing engineering students for the complex, human world of the modern workplace through the development of leadership skills.

A brilliant professor, Dr. Arindom Sen, coordinates the program off the corner of his desk and has wonderful third and fourth year students assisting him. His stem-cell research is fascinating and he has high goals, such as repairing damaged limbs and reversing Parkinson’s symptoms. But he also has a huge interest in the students in his faculty as evidenced by his many awards for outstanding teaching.

Many academic and technical organizations are working to improve their social and emotional intelligence.  Tweet This!

The student leadership program is optional, provides course credits, and takes place over several Saturdays per term. I was first invited to offer the Leading with Emotional Intelligence part of the program in 2016 and have offered two programs per year ever since. I’ve even created a Level II program for the students who participated in the introductory session, but wanted to take it to the next level.

Engineering students stand to do some emotional intelligence exercises at the U of C.
Engineering students run through an exercise during an afternoon of emotional intelligence training. All photos by Katherine Anita.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Engineering students at the U of C and I’m really looking forward to our March sessions! My hope is that more faculties in more universities across the country will decide to provide emotional intelligence resources and programming to develop the leadership skills of their students so they can become outstanding in their work and life.

A room of engineering students listen while David Cory explains some of the fundamentals of emotional intelligence training.
Photo by Katherine Anita.

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