Jamelle Lindo, people-centred leadership, and emotional intelligence

James Lindo is a coach, emotional intelligence certified trainer.

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December 2019 Change Leader: Jamelle Lindo is a coach, trainer and speaker with over a decade of professional experience in learning and development as well as leadership, and he’s certified to use the EQ-i 2.0. He has coached, trained and spoken to thousands of business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs across Canada through conferences, corporate workshops and coaching sessions. He is a partner at PARADIGM People Development.

How has the EQ certification/training impacted your professional life?

Shifting leadership training into the lens of a tool like the EQ-i 2.0 has given my professional life a high level of validity and credibility. Using science-based tools for emotional intelligence and leadership development has raised the bar in every way.

What’s your definition of a leader?

To me, a leader is a passionate, people-centred person of consistent and progressive influence.

How are you living out what it means to be a leader? 

I live-into leadership by showing up as the best version of myself in as many ways as possible while inspiring and supporting those around me to do the same.

Who is your favourite leader and why?

I don’t have a favourite leader, but a few people today who inspire me today are Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek and Brené Brown. To me, these leaders are reliable examples of commitment to service, people-focus, success, and optimism.

What’s your superpower or secret skill?

I don’t know that I have a super power or secret skill, but I truly appreciate my uncanny ability to connect with people on a deeper level effortlessly.

Thanks Jamelle for combining your passion of people-centred leadership with emotional intelligence to be a change leader in the world.

“According to a study from 2016, leaders who are empathetic when they listen and respond tend to perform more than 40% higher in key leadership areas, such as coaching, planning and decision making.”(Three Powerful Truths About Empathy To Make You Rethink Your Leadership Approach, Forbes Coaches Council)

Jamelle Lindo Forbes Councils Member

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