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Online courses have been powerful for participants (and for us too).

An early career coach sits at their desk doing an online EQ-i 2.0 Certification.

It’s February! Happy new year!

We’re excited about some upcoming webinars and courses. And we’ve been thinking about just how much has changed since this time last year.

We’re amazed and gratified by the new influx of course attendees coming from overseas locations. In previous years we offered a limited number of online courses – we did the majority of our trainings in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto. 

Now, out of necessity, we’ve discovered the joy of having a larger number of international participants in our trainings. And of course, participants have benefitted from this as well. 

People from different walks of life, and different time zones, help us think broadly about the myriad contexts in which emotional intelligence skills play a critical role.

There have been other benefits, and drawbacks, of going virtual. And, call us old school, but we’re all a little surprised by the amount of benefits. I don’t think any of us could have guessed just how powerful and deeply human online training can be. We’ve had to work hard on our skills as presenters and facilitators. 2020 was a year of so much learning and flexing our flexibility skills. And it has been worth it.

Last year we also added a weekly meetup to our alumni offerings, and we’re very thankful for this. When it launched we thought it might be something we would do for a couple of months. But we’re still going, and we love it.

Our alumni and our Linkedin community continues to grow. If you’re new to EQ-i Certification, or if you want to work on your debrief skills, you can also sign up for our free Peer Debrief Practice Program.

We have some spots open for our February and March EQ-i / EQ 360 Certifications. If you or your friend or colleague have been thinking about augmenting your coaching practice, or growing your human resource toolkit, now is a great time to sign up. Please share this link with those you think might benefit from certification.

Let us know what’s new in your work/life.

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