Announcing EITC emotion cards!

EITC Emotion Cards are a beautifully illustrated deck of 87 emotions that can be used in an unlimited number of exercises — limited only by your imagination.

An assortment of cards are displayed so we can see the cover and some of the many illustrations.

The world needs more emotional intelligence, more emotional literacy, more comfort with talking about emotions.

This is important because neuroscience research suggests that emotions have two ingredients: physical feelings and the concepts we have to understand them. The emotions words we use are part of the emotional experience that helps us to make sense of the moment. A more granular, robust emotional vocabulary broadens our emotional range. 

How do we encourage this knowledge and skills development? We start by talking about, and thinking about, emotions. How do we do this?

EITC Emotion Cards!

EITC Emotion Cards are a beautifully illustrated deck of 87 emotions that can be used in an unlimited number of exercises — limitless as your imagination. We can get you started and you can take it from there. Whether you work with clients in one-on-one situations, like coaching or counselling, or work with clients in one-many situations, like courses or workshops, you will find these cards will engage participants in conversations about emotions. 

Use the cards with your partner or with your children or extended family to encourage getting beneath the surface and deepening relationships with people you care about!

25 years anniversary wreath with The Emotional Intelligence Training Company logo.

Who is EITC?

EITC was one of the first companies to offer leadership development based on emotional intelligence and since 1998 has become a world leader in assessing, coaching, and training leaders to be more effective by developing their emotional intelligence skills.

What do I do with the cards?

One simple exercise is, “when was the last time you experienced this emotion that you randomly picked from the deck and what was going on at the time?” One more complex exercise is an emotional analysis of a situation, e.g.“what are all the feelings that come up for you when you recall this event?” 

You could also use them during an emotional argument or conversation, e.g. “I feel all these emotions (flips through deck and pulls out appropriate cards), but I would like to feel all these emotions (again, flips through deck and selects appropriate cards).” This can lead to greater awareness in the moment and can create insight into solutions where none existed before. 

The deck comes with access to many exercises you could use, but we know you’ll also use your imagination.

We can’t wait to hear how you use your EITC Emotion Cards!

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