cognitive bias

Cognitive bias are patterns, ruts, and systems of thinking that guide us, mistakenly, to models, frames, ideas, and conclusions that are not helpful.

Water colour graphic representation of microbial cells in red and blue and green and yellow and orange.

Problem solving is the enemy of empathy

Our desire to problem solve might come from empathy, but it doesn’t express empathy. We struggle to see someone we love and care about in pain…

Many small illustrated people icons are arranged colourfully along the bottom, and statistical models are arranged in the background along the top.

Reality testing, Dylan Marron and Every Single Word

If you ask white folks about the over-representation of white folks on screen, they will often misunderstand and/or underestimate the degree and seriousness of over-representation. Luckily we have some tools to help us with our reality testing…

Illustration of a group of people represented by different colours and geometric shapes.

“My boss has no emotional intelligence”

For some, the term “emotional intelligence” is pesky. It has that word “emotional” in it and being emotional has a bad reputation in our society – let alone in business. However, some of the most effective organizations on the planet …

A guy in a suit runs from a tiny chicken, and the shadow of a giant predator.

Unconscious bias, emotional intelligence and leadership

The strength of unconscious bias is it can help us think and make decisions quickly. The downside of unconscious, or implicit, bias is that it is unconscious and we do not know the extent of the impact on our thinking and decision-making. Once we become aware of these biases, we have more choice over their influence on us….

Reality Testing, Episode 11, EQ and You

Show notes: Episode 11, Reality Testing

Reality testing is the second competency in the Decision Making composite. This is the eleventh broadcast in our fifteen part series…

Problem Solving, EQ and You with Kim and David

Show notes: Episode 10, Problem Solving

In which David and Kim discuss the tenth competency in the MHS model of EI, Problem Solving, and the way it intersects with other EI competencies…

An illustration of a young leader pointing up toward the leadership key.

Healthy self-regard in effective leaders

Healthy self-regard is an essential quality in leaders. But balance is needed to avoid thinking too highly of yourself. Here’s a few ideas…

Sixteen days against gender violence: Status of Women Canada

Emotional Intelligence and Gender Based Violence

It’s critical that we include the idea of gender bias in our discussions of emotional intelligence. We need to understand how our socialization affects how we …

I just want to be intellectually rigorous!

Emotionally intelligent features of the Bechdel Test

The Bechdel test is hitting the mainstream, and I think it has some emotionally intelligent features …

TED in 2007 with a presentation by Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman at TED in 2007

This lecture that Goleman gave at TED is an interesting reflection on compassion, connection and the role of information in caring…

Empathy as a design thinking quality

Empathy and good design

IDEO is a world leader in product design. The founder David Kelley tells us why empathy is so important to good design…

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