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This is the first blog of EITC, written by me, David Cory, Principal of EITC. What do I want to write about in these first days of thinking about the work that I do in a New Year? It is now the end of a wonderful, restful holiday with my family during which I have tried not to think about work. Now I need to start thinking about it. My mind is busy with many questions about what I want to do next with regard to emotional intelligence and the way it is applied to improve the work and personal lives of people that I serve. As you may know, I have been working with the concept of emotional intelligence for 10 years. I have seen many developments over that time and I have seen many different ways of approaching the topic and I have had the wonderful opportunity of talking about emotional intelligence with people all over the world.

Some things I’m excited about are my involvement in EI China and my partnership with principal, Lily Zeng, as a Master Trainer responsible for the selection and development of trainers as well as the development of curricula and delivering of courses in China on an as needed basis. We delivered 3 programs there in August. I’m excited about my new relationship with STI Consulting Ltd. based in Lagos, Nigeria. I had a wonderful trip there in November and look forward to going back to Lagos in 2008 and working for them in other parts of the world as well. I’m excited about my new partnership with Jim Kirkpatrick from SMR USA. Jim and I are developing a 2-day course combining his father Don Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation with emotional intelligence. I’m excited about my partnership with Steve Watt, former Director of the Police Academy at the Justice Institute of BC. Steve and I have developed a fabulous 2-day program on Emotional Intelligence for Police Leaders which we have delivered to the Public Saftey Division of Baylor Health Systems in Dallas, Texas and now have a full enrollment of police leaders for our public course to be delivered in March in Vancouver.

And I’m exited about adding a blog to my website! I hope to contribute to this blog on a regular basis and I hope to direct my newsletter subscribers to this blog and encourage them to reply to my questions with the hope of developing a community of people interested in how emotional intelligence can make the world a better place. Cheers, David

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