Keeping in touch

Wow, so much for contributing to my blog on a regular basis! I got some great advice from a seasoned blogger who said to keep it short and sweet. So I will. Projects since I last wrote include a chilly trip to Ottawa for a certification course and two sessions with my nurse friends. I am working with a wonderful group of nurses up in Campbell River for whom Rebecca Miller, of Core Elements, and I developed a leadership development program. I get to see them once per month and we always seem to have a great time together. Upcoming projects include certification courses in Calgary and Vancouver, work with the Provincial Ministry of Health. Another session with the nurses and then we will then have our Emotional Intelligence and Police Leadership course first week of March and then the Career Management Conference, which is always a lot of fun and where I get to see many familiar faces as I began my career in the career development field many years ago.

Thoughts racing through my head: how to keep in touch with everyone without bugging them? How to get the book in my head into a computer? How to balance my work with my family? (anyone else with me on this last one?) How to get more speaking engagements? Mmmm…

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