Toronto August 2008

Wow, I had no idea how hard it is to keep a blog going! It’s like it just isn’t on my radar screen. And, I think, does anyone read this? Yes, in fact, I get comments from people all the time – “when are you going to write something?” “You haven’t written anything for awhile.” Who knew? I’ll keep trying to keep writing – how’s that?

Just returned from Toronto last night where I had a wonderful group of women (yes, many of my workshops are all women…mmmm?) We had a great time and I was also able to see friends and family and experience my first Passover Seder. I really enjoyed it. We don’t have enough rituals in life. What is the importance of rituals? I think they remind us of the importance of certain events, like how Passover reminds us to think about the experience of the Jews and their emancipation from Egypt. But it’s much more than that as well. It’s about family, friends, relationships, spending time together, eating together, and, at our end of the table – card tricks! ;-) I sat at the end of the table with the teenage boys of our good friends and, during the breaks in the Seder, we traded card tricks and had many laughs. We need more rituals! Or maybe we just need to make more of the ones we have?

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