Spring update on our activities

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Rebecca Miller and the team at Core Elements and I continue to work with our First Nations organizations. It is so interesting to me the unique issues that these organizations face that challenge organizational effectiveness. It reminds me of the managers we worked with in China. While the issues are completely different and unique to their own cultures there is one big common denominator emotion. It reminds me of a critique of the concept of emotional intelligence I read recently where the Harvard PhD rhetorically asked what several disparate concepts, all of which were all reportedly related to emotional intelligence, had to do with each other and then emphatically stated Nothing! I smiled to myself and thought, actually they are all tied together by emotion.

I’ve really been enjoying our EQ Networking Meetings. Please come to the next one in your city. Remember, we try to have them at 5:00 pm on the second day of each certification course in all the cities where we host courses and all who are interested are invited. I’m really looking forward to the Toronto EQ Networking meeting May 26th.

Are you using social media? I’m signed up with LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, and Facebook, but I’m sure I’m not yet using them effectively or efficiently. I’m also not totally convinced or committed yet. Perhaps that will come. Please write me and let me know your experience.

A reminder that Lily Zeng and I had our joint speakers’ proposal accepted at the International Conference on Emotional Intelligence this June 29-30 and if you are going to be in attendance, we will see you there!

EQ-360 Certification Course Teleclass July 31, 2009* 9-noon PST Must have EQ-i Certification as the pre-requisite. For $650CAD you get an EQ-360 on yourself, an EQ-360 on a person of your choosing, and then 2 complimentary EQ-360 uses (at $200/ea that’s a value of $800!) Simply register at www.eitrainingcompany.com

EQ-i Certification Course information: Download the new 2009 Brochure Here the brochure was done by Pink Sheep Media and if you need some brand development or a website design, please contact them.

Upcoming Certification Course dates: July 6, 7, 8 Vancouver, July 20, 21, 22 Ottawa, Sept 7, 8, 9 San Francisco, Sept 21, 22, 23 Calgary, Oct 19, 20, 21 Toronto, Nov 2, 3, 4 Vancouver, Nov 18, 19, 20 San Fran, Dec 14, 15, 16, Ottawa.

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