Book Review: Finding Your Way Home: a soul survival kit

Cover of Finding Your Way Home by Melody Beattie beside a white owl.

Finding Your Way Home: a soul survival kit – tools for discovering your emotional and spiritual power by Melody Beattie While this book has a high foo foo factor and refers to God a lot (this can also be a God of your understanding), there is a lot of great stuff here. I have trouble believing in paranormal phenomena I have not experienced, but I’m happy to read about them. I do strongly believe in the premise of the book that we are all wanting to find our way home. There are a lot of excellent and powerful questions in this book like, what if I don’t have a home? And what is spirit. There are also a lot of activities designed to help you to explore these questions, like, learning to consciously recognize fear. The details of which are beyond the scope of this book report ;-)

This book comes to me by way of exploring other models of understanding human behaviour. One that I’m currently exploring is the 12 Step Model of Alcoholics Anonymous and Melody Beattie is one writer that has a connection to the concepts related to the 12 Steps. I’m fascinated that this model created in 1939 by two guys is so powerful; has helped so many people world wide and is still in use today pretty much in its original form. And that it is all about emotion! Wow, I may really be on to something ;-)

If any of you have knowledge or experience with the 12 Steps, please write me, I’m fascinated to learn more.

Let me know what you’re reading and if you’d like to send me a ‘brief’ book report and it’s related to EI/EQ, I’ll post in in the April EQ Update.

Take care, my friends, until next time!

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