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Give Me A Break: the art of making time work for you

Give me a break

I’m so excited by the books I’ve been given to review recently by really wonderful authors that I either know or have met. I’ve got quite the pile that I eagerly look forward to reading.

Which one am I going to talk about this month? I think I have to mention my friend and colleague, Hugh Culver’s new book, Give Me  Break: the art of making time work for you.

You have to grab a copy of this book. I don’t always say that in my reviews, but this time I really mean it. I mean, who among us can’t be better at managing time? And you will love Hugh’s informative and often humourous approach to the subject. Hugh helps us see what we currently doing, examine the bad habits that we’ve formed, and through wonderful self-assessments and exercises and stories shows us the way forward to improved time management. In fact, you can go straight to Hugh’s website to make your purchase by clicking:

2 Responses to “Give Me A Break: the art of making time work for you”

  1. Hugh Culver says:

    Hi David

    This is great! Thanks for the review. This means a lot to me coming from someone that really knows the self-help market well.

    It’s been fun to get the feedback on the book and to look at how it is already helping people. And if folks want to access more information about the book the can take advantage of lots of free articles at



  2. David Cory says:

    You are most welcome, Hugh! You deserve great reviews for a great resource for those of us who are chronically ‘time challenged.’ ;-) Look forward to seeing you when I’m in Kelowna next. Cheers, DC

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