EITC Website of the Month: We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine.org

We Feel Fine.org

You are going to love the EITC website of the month for April. I heard Jonathon Harris on ted.com and was extremely  impressed with him and his project, “We Feel Fine.” When you go to wefeelfine.org, you will see bunch of coloured dots moving around the screen. Each dot represents a human emotion of someone who has blogged somewhere in the world. Harris and Kamvar have created an application which scans the web looking for emotions in blog posts. Every time someone has written, “I feel…” the application picks it up and inserts it into wefeelfine.org This is just one of 6 ‘Movements’ – each ‘movement’ is an application that sorts and filters various aspects of emotions in different ways.

Go ahead, play with the different movements. You’ll soon learn what they can do. And what they can do is amazing. It’s amazing what two computer scientists can do with human emotions.  ;-) Enjoy!

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